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I discovered Fiona at a time in my life when I was struggling with my identity and a loss of confidence. Working with her released all of my anxiety & helped me overcome the panic and overwhelm I was experiencing. I found her to be compassionate and caring. Discrete and trustworthy. A fantastic Counsellor and Root Cause Therapist. I thoroughly recommend working with her . If you are experiencing challenges in your life, she’s your go to woman! Thank you Fiona.


Highly recommend Fiona's counselling services, she has a gift at holding the space in her healing, nurturing energy and supporting you while you navigate roadblocks.

She also has a very sharp intuition to notice what's happening in the unconscious that needs healing and identify the patterns of trauma that are repeating themselves within you and in your life.

So if you are stuck and need support for your well-being do not hesitate and contact her, to start taking steps towards your healing journey


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