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 I'm really looking forward to seeing how clearing these beliefs will play out in my life now.

Rather than feeling worried, confused and scared, I'm now feeling excited about my future.

Fiona's knowledge outside of the RCT process also inspires me. Her gentle and beautiful way of guiding the session and holding space, is truly amazing. Fiona is an extremely gifted and wonderful practitioner


My sessions with Fiona are actually lifechanging. I've only had a few so far, but I look forward to them every time. Even when feeling down and out, at times I would have cancelled any other therapy session, but even my subconscious knows this healing is so profound I cant even think of cancelling.

Highly recommend booking in a service and starting your healing journey. A mixture of multiple modalities and a way to hold you accountable through emotional tracking, it's really amazing to see how far I've come, so quickly.
10/10 would recommend.


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